Companies With Beautiful Branding

Creating a beautiful branding logo or design is an important part of creating a successful business. An effective branding will enable your company to leave an impression to customers, making it memorable, shareable and easy to remember. If you want to create a brand, make sure that everything is streamlined. A brand must be able to create a way on how they’d like to be noticed by customers.

The look of a brand is another important aspect to consider. To make sure that everything is consistent, they should have identity and brand style guidelines. This usually encompasses the do’s and don’ts of using a logo, its colors and others.

What are they important? This helps your customers/consumers and employees understand your brand further. These guides will help you create streamline and uniformity and make your business from being just a company to becoming a true brand.

Great branding is more than just a logo. It’s more than just the aesthetics of fonts, colors or even the presentation of a ten-fold brochure. Great branding is what you can call the DNA of a product or a company, as they will be used in a multitude of media to make

Now that you understand the importance if good branding let’s see some of the companies with beautiful brand.]

Server Mania

Server mania provides dedicated servers. Located out of Toronto they’ve done a very nice job branding themselves to feel and look like a high end server company.

Many server & hosting companies have clunky web design and logos (ironic isn’t it?). Not Server Mania they have a sleek design that is easy to navigate and a great logo and overall feel to the brand.

Heartbleed Bug Logo


Though it’s not really a company, it’s a great example of good branding design. Heartbleed is probably the very first security bug to get its own name and even a registered domain name. has a beautifully designed logo, which explains the bug in a great way. A red bleeding heart, effectively conveys the impact of a security hole that reportedly affected about half a million websites.

The best thing about this branding is that it effectively conveys what it wants to convey. That is the fear, pain and agony that you can experience if you get affected with this bug.

Melbourne Squash Club

If you haven’t seen this odd Melbourne Squash Club logo, then prepare to be blown away. It’s just a bunch of squiggly lines. Yes, but that’s the perfect way to demonstrate how athletic people moves. Full of energy and invigoration, the squiggly lines means that you can be anywhere, any way you want. In addition, it strongly refers to an athlete’s need for the ability to work move as fast and as random as they can specially on extreme physical sports.


usps-logoThe United States Postal Service branding design is a no brainer. An eagle swooping fast encompasses the company’s ability to deliver postal deliveries so fast you can’t even notice that your small chicks outside have been taken away. What else to say?

Those are some of the companies with beautiful brands. There are still many others out there that can evoke something just by seeing them. There are logos that are just marks but you can already recognize them as Apple’s branding as well as McDonald’s logo. If you want to create a beautiful branding, then you must remember that it should be consistent and that it conveys what you want to convey.